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2 Ways To Transfer Files From A Mac To A Mac

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Switch to Mac: Transfer your files from a PC to a Mac | Macworld

Thanks for reading! Transfer photos from iPhone to a computer using iTunes Manual file transfers in iOS devices are usually carried out using iTunes, if not iCloud. If necessary, unlock your iPhone screen or tap the option to Trust This Computer when asked.

This prompt usually appears the first time you connect your iPhone to the computer. Wait for the Photos app to automatically open on your computer. If not, then manually open the Photos app on the computer instead. On the Photos app, you should see an Import screen with all the photos that are on your connected device. Click to select the photos you want to import then click Import Selected when done.

Move your data

Once you've installed the appropriate cloud service, you can download the documents to your Mac just as you've been doing with your PC. However, one item just about everyone worries about is getting their email transferred to a new computer. If you use a web-based mail system, you should be able to launch the Safari browser and connect to your existing mail system.

If you haven't gotten used to Safari yet, don't forget you can also use Google Chrome, Firefox Quantum, or the Opera browser in place of Safari. You can always try setting up your email accounts and seeing if your email messages are available before you worry about transferring them to your new Mac. We mentioned at the beginning of this guide that starting with OS X Lion, Migration Assistant works with Windows to help bring over most Windows-based data you may need.

Moving Windows Files to a Mac without Using Migration Assistant

In all likelihood, if you have a new Mac, you can use Migration Assistant. To check which version of OS X you're using, do the following:. A window will open displaying the current version of OS X installed on your Mac. If any of the following are listed, you can use Migration Assistant to move data from your PC.

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If your Mac is running one of the above versions of OS X, then you have the option to use the Migration Assistant to make the process of moving data from your PC to your Mac as simple as possible. Share Pin Email.

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Laptop Mag. Select New Folder. Open the Photos app and click Edit in the Menu bar. Click Select All. Click File. Click on the drop-down menu next to Subfolder Format. Select Moment Name. Select Export.