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Gorgeous Gold, Expensive Pink, and Mulch are part of my favorites too. I am writing an article on my favorite M.

Swatch-Galerie Lidschatten - mel et fel

Of course, I will give you all the credit on it. OMG such a huge collection u have I have bookmarked this page I dont even own one single mac shadow so me gone start buildng obv this post comes very handy ;. Every eye makeup wearer should at least customize one MAC palette!

Such a pretty collection!! Looking up swatches as we speak! Thanks for your suggestion, Brenda! You are on your second palette now then? I have a 2 double pro palettes, one for my blushes, and one for my eyeshadows! I also have a single palette, in which i store my depotted mineralize blushes, i put a small magnet under them.

Looks really good! But after seeing your swatches, i ts time for some new eyeshadows.. I really want to invest in one of those duo palettes! Would be super convenient for travel! I have a few of those and it would be really nice to keep them all together in one place!

Thanks for the info! I heard my wallet sigh in relief :. Yeah I remember your post about customizing your first MAC quad. Holy smokes, you could open a MAC museum with that collection! This is nothing compared to a real MAC shadow collector! Can I first tell you how much I love this post? Jaw dropping collection! I loved this post and is really very helpful honestly I had no idea about the finish etc.

Random MAC eyeshadow swatches

The overview of the different textures is really helpful! Deep Truth is a gorgeous blue that performs well, though! I love it! Oh wow! I can only imagine how much time and effort this post took, really appreciate it! Jaa, you are a rock star! Thanks, peaches!

Cruelty Free MAC Eyeshadow Dupes

Cranberry has been on my list of MAC shadows to try! I like going to those shops that sell past-season makeup, too! Have not heard of Glambot, though!

Gotta check that one out! I should really try more! Expensive Pink is one of my staples. Thank you for all the hard work! Bookmarking this post for future reference right now! Your finish descriptions are going to be such a great resource :. Well done , gurll. Love this post! Sorry too many! Your email address will not be published.

I like to pair it with All That Glitters and blend in the outer corners for more definition. Great colour for green or blue eyes.

Recent from the blog

It is a bit of a chameleon shade and will change the tone depending on the other shadows you pair it with. The colour is somewhere between taupe, gold and brown and it will change depending on your skin tone. I should probably use it in one of the upcoming makeup posts.

I love to use it as a pop of colour on the lower lash line. In the pan it looks like a stunning black with purple glitter, but the pigmentation is really poor. Definitely not worth the money, Urban Decay Blackheart from the Naked 3 Palette is a much better option. Author BeautyBucketList Website. Is it worth the hype?

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