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And it could be a smart move. Some good reasons for why people might use a Mac laptop or desktop with an Android smartphone instead of an iPhone include:.

Android File Transfer

Of course, iPhone owners are spoilt for choice in that they can use AirDrop, Image Capture, iCloud, or the Photos app to transfer files between smartphone and Mac. Here, you need to get a bit more creative. This article features some of the ins and outs of these methods of Android file transfer for Mac. From there, using the app is pretty intuitive.

Fortunately, there are a few wireless solutions for how to connect Android to Mac without using Android File Transfer at all. That means you would need to check out their Backup and Sync app for macOS instead.

HandShaker, the Android File Transfer Alternative

In fact, there are quite a few dedicated wireless apps for Mac to Android file transfer in existence. One such app is AnyTrans for Android. Using it is simple:.

Configuring Android

You can use AnyTrans for Android to back up important files, move all of your data to a new Android handset or iPhone with a single click, and download content from more than sites using a built-in media downloader before transferring it to your Android. One of the biggest reasons why so many iPhone users have a Mac and so many Android users have a PC is that, in so many ways, Microsoft and Apple are still refusing to place nicely with each other in the way that many other hardware providers now do.

Android File Transfer for Mac

The relative difficulty of connecting Android to a Mac is one such example of this, although you may be surprised or perhaps frustrated to learn that connecting an iPhone to Windows is a significantly easier process thanks to iCloud, iTunes, and the Windows Photos app. Dropbox or Google Drive offer a decent workaround if not, but a dedicated Android file transfer app like AnyTrans is hard to beat when it comes to making moving files from Android to Mac intuitive and organizable. Best of all, AnyTrans for Android is available to you on a free trial through Setapp , a platform of more than best-in-class Mac apps that let you significantly expand the capabilities of your Mac and fill any functionality missing by default.

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Then import any videos to iMovie or pictures to iPhoto. You can also use your phone like an external hard drive to transfer files between different devices like your work and home computers, so long as the receiving computer also has Android File Transfer installed. Have more troubleshooting questions you need answered?

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Android File Transfer

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