Has my mac computer been hacked


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I am loosing my mind. One fone scared me. I was sitting with 2 people in my home,a relatively quiet night. All of a sudden I cud hear a strange noise. Know that my SIMcarx is in my bfs cell at this time ok. I put the fone to my ear and listen. I almost pooped my pants. It was playing back the conversation the 3 of us had 2 minutes prior.

Can my Mac’s camera be hacked?

I freaked right out. Even with a new email addy. I have every right to have a Facebook account n messenger. How do I get proof of this guy is doing this? I made a bunk FB acct to talk to my niece and only 3 ppl knew about it. So one day I got messenger to talk to her. She was not o line at the time. I open messenger and this guy AND his computer -geek cousin was there!!!!

Thank you for your time. Hey Leo, Odd Facebook email notifications behavior?? I get these Notification Emails from Facebook, telling me of activity; this is normal I assume.

Prevention is the best cure

Does this seem right to you? Why is my Email Client, seemingly…. If someone in…. I have previously, on two occasions, gotten notices from Facebook that someone in Texas has tried to login to my account… secure your account. Both times I changed my password, but if someone is getting in by just reading my mail, what good is a password? In many cases the link in an email contains URL information which will log you in to an account.

In this case, you can skip step 1. A concern I have is about some sort of man in the middle by Proxy server or spoofing attempt or attack may have happened to one specific account I visit online. As recommended by the site, I use Google Auth for 2FA before accessing my personal account details on this particular site. For some reason, Cox Communications is always identified as the device or location in the next town. Yahoo, FaceBook, Github, Apple and Gmail authentication protocol consistently detects the same town I am in when loggin in and specific IP on my computer and phone.

I have a secure router, do not use a proxy server or VPN. Just need to know if this Is this how it should work? Or am I being spyed on or re-directed to a hacker? I am also missing confirmation of important financial transactions done on this website. Contacted their Tech support.

I've Been Hacked! What you need to do fast.

They did not see it on their end until I showed them actual screen shots. They said if I was able to log in then everything is fine. Maybe I should switch this service? Location data for an IP is often off, sometimes up to hundreds of miles off. It was slow, and even I use bleachbit, it was still the same.

Finally acording to your writing, I did just install marware removal for kubuntu through command, and now it is really fast! Hi Leo, Over the last few weeks I have a lot of emails from different sources wanting me to agree to updates in their privacy policies and wish to know if they are legitimate. I suspect they may be due to the recent Google breaches but wanted to be sure they are legitimate and not a clever hacking ploy. They have to date come from organisations I deal with. I would also like to know if my practice of not logging off from many accounts such as Facebook, Google, email accounts etc for convenience is a bad practice and making it easier for hackers?

How To HACK a Mac In 5 Minutes! - Cool Spy Trick

Cheers and thanks in advance. This is related to changes in the EU privacy rules.

We outside of the EU are getting flooded with Privacy Policy boilerplate emails. You could follow links and read the new policies, but most are TL;DR. Read more:. Do be careful, though. I have heard though not seen that spammers and specifically those attempting to phish for account credentials, are sending fake GDPR emails with bogus links.

You are leaving a trail in your web browser which can lead someone into your accounts. Is there a danger in having two Administrator accounts on a computer? This happens mostly when closing or switching apps or websites.

15 signs you've been hacked -- and how to fight back

It almost feels as if there is someone else using the other Administrator account. I know of no significant downside, really. I could see the emails in my sent items and they are all typical spam emails. Nothing further has happened since then and I can still log into my account.

What do you think has happened? Is it hack or has my email just been spoofed? They email was from my email address and looked as tho it had come from me. I have been getting reports from my employees that they got an email that looked like it came from me. It has my name, but the email is incorrect. The message is usually the same.

Another one I just found out about is an email went to HR with my name but not my actual address, asking them to respond with a copy of my W2 because I lost it. We have external tagging turned on, so any email coming from outside the company is flagged as an external source. Luckily no one has fallen for it yet, but the amount of times this is happening now is ridiculous. And then today, I found out that the message went to one of our dealers, which is not even an internal email address. Any thoughts? It also might be a good idea to send an email to your contacts warning them to watch out for this.

How Do I Stop Them?! I tried to login to my Mac several times and it didnt work. I know I was using the right user name and password. After about 45 minutes it let me log in. What is weird when I opened it up it had a ring yang symbol first and that is never there. Do you think someone hacked and then changed it back so I could get in? I have been having a problem with my Yahoo account, and have changed my password with no resolution. The XYZ in this case is the business name of a known contact. It could also be absolutely nothing. I would simply mark them as spam and move on.

To me that sounds like a scam. And I do notice that my computer does runs slow a lot or at least most of the time. It is a scam. Ignore it. You might want to locate some local, technical help that you trust to help diagnose your speed issues. If he was hacked, would it have our home ip address? I use Facebook almost everyday and I noticed something weird.

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Is that a hack? My email started getting subscribed to a rather embarrassing dating website, but this website requires email confirmation in order to fully enlist. I started getting emails from members on this website directly into my inbox. I checked out the website, saw it was using my email address as a login, did the whole forgot password routine to get myself logged in to it.

On the website profile I found all my specs, height weight age etc. No photos-thank baby jesus.. Some info was spot on, others was a little off.