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Then, strip a bit of insulator off the wire and tin the end. Now solder on the wire, and fold over the excess bit of metal on the connector, so it covers the soldered on wire. Install your M2 heatsets into the plug. Use a soldering iron to gently heat the brass heatsets. While still hot, use a Popsicle stick to hold the heatset in place, so it remains flush with the surface of the plug.

Plug the connector into the back of your mac. You can use a flathead to push each connector onto each blade of the plug. Then, fill the voids in behind each conductor with hot glue. This will keep the conductors in the right position for future insertion and removal of the plug.


Fill in the rest of the triangular void in the back of the plug with hot glue, encasing the wires in that area. Reply 2 years ago. I guess if you had read the beginning of the instructable, you'd have noticed that I wasn't about to pay the price people ask for this odd style cable.

Besides, what's the fun in buying the cable when you can make it for pennies and it does the same job? Should I feel honored that you graced us with your opinion? I can see that in the hands of someone like yourself perhaps it's dangerous.

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I've been using mine for many months and it works fine. You should perhaps stay on the apple website like the millions of mindless apple-drones, while us makers have fun doing the things we do! Or you could just buy a standard IEC C19 power cord and plug it in.. This is not any kind of custom connector.. I've seen a similar version of the socket The quad-core PowerMac G5's all have this style of plug.

Dual 2.0 G5 Power Mac power issues

The lesser-power'd G5's all have a standard power cord connection. Connectors JST just pop and crack after two years remember, environmentally friendly, but the heating-cooling environment is causing their demise. Just like Mercedes-Benz had failing wiring harness found out decade later because it was made to "green" standards, this safe practice will eventually, create more defective waste than it intended to prevent. Power Mac G5 June 3. Power Mac G5 Late 4. Power Mac G5 Early 5. Power Mac G5 Late Unless he bought it used, he probably has the 4th generation.

So far, so good. Next is figuring out the PSU pinout. Success; now make a replacement ATX power cable. This was tucked in more in the final build. Ready to Gorilla superglue the miracle adhesive from my other hobby the standoffs in ATX positions. Ah, the quiestion of position and orientation.

Quite compelling. I ultimately decided to go with the first one because the G5 fan assembly was interfering with the CPU fan. Now to the back panel. In addition to analog audio, usb, and ethernet, I did optical audio, but didn't bother with FireWire.

For video output, I didn't feel like putting three feet of video cable in the case, and if I have to cut it and solder anyway, then I won't need to run to the store or order online. So I used a spare adapter and some leftover CAT5 cable.

How hard is it to replace your Power Supply Unit?

Color coding turned out to be most useful. This was probably the harderst part of the mod. It gave me some trouble dremmelling a back expansion cover, and then it wouldn't take solder at all. I had to superglue it, but I'm pleased with the outcome. Ready to assemble everything. Oops, there goes my clean cable management. Note how I striped the IDE cable for the optical drive, so it looks better, and more importantly, it reaches the drive.

Macintosh G5 Power Mac Power Supply Install - Early 2005 Model - Part 1

It looks a little bit better on the final board, as I have a little more space there. I replaced the superdrive with a blu-ray drive, so we can play movies on this, too.

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  4. Fans and cover in place, and the back of the case; ready to go: Or I though so Turns out the PSU fans are really noisy, so I first turned them off, thinking this is a low power system, and it's all attached to a lot of aluminum, so it won't overheat, but after a few hours, it was getting hotter, so I decided to put a silent 80 mm fan I had lying around, and now it's almost silent. The only problem is that can't use the PSU cover, but that's okay. I don't want to cut it, as I'm planning to use a picopsu from mini-box.

    I have a similar setup in my HTPC, and it works great. Just like in that project, the powerbrick will be inside the case. The finished computer in its environment: Thanks for following.

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    Looking forward to any comments. Great Mod! We purchased our G5 as a "refurbished" unit from the Apple store in This video includes how to test your power supply, how to properly remove power supply. This page lists all programs currently offered by Apple, including Replacement programs, Exchange programs, Repair Extension programs and Recalls. As some of you may already know, there are some major issues with the powermac G5 Power Supplys.

    My power supply failed on my powermac G5, and it is of course out of