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You order macaroni and cheese.

If it comes to the table looking like the neon-orange stuff you and your college roommate used to share, run. In the hands of their respective chefs, the favorite dish is truffled, herbed, gussied up with lobster, dressed down with cracker crumbs, multi-cheesed, heavy-creamed, and American styled. In each case, the results are perennially popular with patrons.

He makes the traditionally sturdy soul-food version in large hotel pans, using cheddar and sharp American cheese with elbow macaroni, butter, and milk, using a cheese topping without breadcrumbs. Four of the big pans are made every day to satisfy the demand. He also recalls that it was unusual to find macaroni and cheese on a menu other than a diner at that time. What may be a record number of cheeses — four — goes into the black skillets of mac and cheese at the new Small Plates Detroit near the Detroit Opera House and Comerica Park.

My husband tried his regular mac, then he tried a bit of mine. A look of pleased surprise crossed his face. They have plans to open another Clarkston location, called Honcho, that will feature Latin street food, roasted coffee and handmade corn tortillas. So just like their other Union Joints restaurants, these old and iconic buildings will be renovated, repurposed, and made into something future generations can cherish.

Because the Union Joints chain is a business wanting to effect change in a very real, positive way.

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The rest of our meal arrived to our table. We thanked Chef Cozadd for spending so much time with us on a Friday night, and shook his hand as he left. We started eating our meal and were blown away by everything.

vinsetta garage mac

The Steak Fattoush salad was amazing, with perfectly marinated, tender meat. We took the leftovers home, and it was still so tender I was able to slice it with a butter knife. The vegetarian pizza was amazing. It was topped with a homemade pesto sauce and loaded with cremini mushrooms, roasted red peppers and red onions, roasted cherry tomatoes and basil, all topped with fresh mozzarella.

MAC 'N' CHEESE - Hour Detroit Magazine

My husband enjoyed his sausage so much he was almost moved to tears. He has dealt with a pork allergy most of his adult life, and this sausage immediately took him back to the flavors he missed from his childhood. To say that Clarkson Union has won us over as patrons is an understatement. As we closed our evening, we took some time to talk to our waitress, Yvonne.

I asked about her background with the business and her reasons for working there. I asked her what kept here there for so many years. I asked her if she had an stories of customers that left a lasting impression up on her. She immediately told us the story of a particular elderly woman. Notify me of follow-up comments via email. Advertise on Detroit Moxie. Search Detroit Moxie. Connect with me. Get your Detroit Moxie gear!

Freep 5: Five places for fabulous mac and cheese

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